Digital Activism Resources

ActionSkills Hosting
We host and manage activist websites. We are currently running a crowdfunder to allow us to provide these services free. Please support.


Activist Media Guides
Managing media for actions and building campaigns – Inc Photography, Video, Social Media, Events

Website Tech
We demystify how to setup a domains, hosting, websites and email.

Digital Security for Everyone
For beginners and non-technical people with the aim of increasing security across our whole community.

WordPress Accelerator
An introduction to the basics  and setting up your own WordPress website.

Training and Facilitation
Run sheets and planning for ActionSkills training sessions

Security and tools for organising
This guide was created to strengthen Community organising and to support individual organisers.

Creating Safer Spaces and Events
Info on camping logistics and creating safe spaces.

Digital Strategy
planning for successin progress

Links Directory
Our collection of  training and learning resources for digital activism.

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