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Light Wizard

Light Wizard is an adventurer of the imagination, part of a cutting-edge generation of visionaries redefining the framework of possibility. He is a consciousness explorer dedicated to unraveling metaphysical mysteries and spiritual enigmas. Using artwork as a sacred practice; and light as his medium, he channels artwork into existence using a very particular process and peculiar visual language.

The artwork is a fusion of sculpture and photography. Steven collects hard rubbish, recycled material, and found objects that are assembled into sculpture. These sculptures are reworked and captured in a single photograph without any digital manipulation or alteration.

His process is highly defined and is designed to align with spirit; allowing a familiar yet alien voice to speak through him. His unique style teases his viewer’s imagination as he blurs the line between reality, and fantasy. The end product reveals a highly structured, balanced, wonder-filled world, oozing with intent, and perplexing puzzlement. He captures curiosities; marveling his audience with a peak into a wondrous world of fantastical ingenuity that pushes all boundaries of possibility.


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May 9, 2017