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Non-Violent Creative Action – Training and ActionJam

skill up your activism and bring more creativity to your campaign


use your creative skills for positive change

 At the Dream Factory  Melbourne
90 Maribyrnong Street Footscray

We have gathered an amazing lineup of talented creatives, activists and creative activists wanting to share their skills empower people working for a better world.

Learn from the people who organise some of the most exciting and creative activist projects, with some crazy creatives thrown in.

Our three day event will be presented in two quite different formats. The first two days will use a more traditional approach to sharing skills, while the last day will provide an experimental learning environment inspired by success of tech startup weekends and rapid collaborative events.

If you are a creative looking to get involved in activism, or an activist that see’s the essential role in creativity in change, this is the event not to be missed.

Listen to the podcast interview with Dirt Radio in the leadup for this event

Two days of Training

May 25th and 26th, 2017

View the draft schedule here – 9:00 Start

Skillshares/workshops/panels. Each session will run for 1.5 hours and be in workshop, lecture or experimental format.

One day ActionJam

May 27th – Saturday

View schedule here – 9:30 start

ActionSkills has ran a few of these collaborative events before including the PressJam event where we produced 4 websites for 4 charity NFP groups in one day. See the PressJam video here to get an idea of how these events run.

These experimental events that provide a rich environment of learning by working directly on a project. By joining a multidisciplinary team, you learn from those you work with as well as experience the creation of a project.

Enough talk already, lets get some stuff done. We will form two (or more) teams depending on with issue draws you. We currently have two projects and may add more.

The aim is to have a workable proposal that will be deployed on the ground as well as the support marketing materials. So we want to work out any budget needs and recruit your networks to produce costumes, art, graphics, websites etc. If we have a strong idea and can communicate it, we believe the money will come. Crowdfunding can also be a strong part of a campaign raising awareness before the action even begins.

We will have people participating who understand the logistics and safety of stopping machinery, interacting with the law, as well as the other complexities of this work.

The first two projects will be:

Frontline Action on Coal – #StopAdani

When Adani starts work, FLAC will stop them. Literally. So as a machine or train is stopped, what creative event can we think of?. How do we create theater, a spectacle, a fun event that will excite people and create memorial, iconic images for the campaign. Maybe we have a more creative approach than stopping machines?

Frontline Action on Coal, #StopAdaniAdani Files

Whistleblowers, Activists and Citizens Alliance – Refugees, #CloseTheCamps

WACA has been doing great work raising awareness and resistance to our Governments inhumane treatment of refugees, including applying pressure on their contractors Wilsons Security with creative stunts and protests.

The WACA team will brief your creative team on the stuff they have done and some of their thinking on who and what to target to end offshore detention.  How do we create theater, a spectacle, a fun event that will excite people and create memorial, iconic images for the campaign. Maybe we can come up with a more creative approach than they have done before?

WACA website



Per Day:

  • Unwaged – $10
  • Waged – $20
  • Supporter – $50

Costs will be waived for people in financial hardship.

We need to cover our (discounted) rent and catering costs. We will likely run at a loss. Any leftover funds will be donated to materials for the creative projects.


Non-profit event of 100% volunteers

Everyone is sharing to help build our social and environmental movements. Any leftover funds will be donated to materials for the creative projects.


Non Violent Creative Action

This is an adoption of the term Non-violent Direct Action. This is where people choose to break an unjust law to protest or to protect a special place. We are aiming to make this more creative, fun and EFFECTIVE. We will not be breaking any laws over this event or running any actions or protest. We are learning and creating creative protest ideas and projects

For more examples and inspiration check out



If you would like to support this event with catering, cash for catering, resources or anything else please contact Glenn

Applications are now closed

Some Participants

Grossly underqualified teacher / amateur woodworker. In my spare time I don’t have any. Founded
Will Dayble

Multi-disciplinary artist who collaborates with scientific organisations such as the IUCN Red List to facilitate the statistical data pertaining to Endangered Species and the Environmental Dilemma.
Debbie Symons

Event Coordinator and Facilitator – SteamPhunk – The Brink
Baron de Merxhausen

Architect + Co-director of @Here Studio. PhD candidate in #Agonism in #Architecture and #Participation.
Ammon Beyerle

Facilitator, Musician, and Change-maker

Matt Wicking

Interdisciplinary visual ecologist.
Aviva Reed

Writer, scientist, cyclist, environmental campaigner and philosopher
Aidan Kempster

MC Izzy Brown is one of the lead singers of Combat Wombat, in addition to being an activist, filmmaker and founder of the United Struggle Project.
Izzy Brown

Co-founder ClimActs & CLIMARTE at Author of Guarding Eden
Deborah Hart

An artist with a concept-driven, socially-engaged collaborative practice.
Gabrielle de Vietri

A queer working for social & environmental justice. Also loves a good rant on politics, art and the like.
Phil Evans

Operations Coordinator at FOE, Co-Founder and Volunteer at WACA
Samatha Castro

NVDA campaigner and social media Co-ordinator for Frontline Action on Coal
Hayley Sestokas

Steve Willis aka Light Wizard is an adventurer of the imagination, part of a cutting-edge generation of visionaries redefining the framework of possibility.
Light Wizard

River people protector at Urannah, ReefDefender and Cultural performer (Happy Daze and Much room valley festivals)
Ken Peters-Dodd (Remote)

Public speaking Trainer, facilitator, an actor, teacher, and conservation scientist.
Dan Purdey

Coordinator facilitating/training for nonviolent direct action, campaigning, community organising & mischief.
Nicola Paris

Activist organiser, artist, online strategist, frontend web dev + WordPress geek.
Glenn Todd

Designs, repairs and hacks websites for grassroots community groups

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