Hosting is where your website lives on the internet. This includes the actual computers and hardware that runs your website. Hosting is complex and requires dedicated environments to be secure and reliable.

The best way to mange your hosting is to hire some space from a hosting company which will manage most things for you. If your website gets big, you will require specialist advice about what the best setup is for you.

Your website can be physically hosted anywhere in the world. Hosting locally in Australia has many benefits and hosting in the US is cheap.

There are hundreds of different hosts and hosting packages. Please look at Hosting – how to choose the best host for you for more information.

There are different approaches to hosting:

  • Shared hosting: this is the cheapest form of hosting and involves sharing your machine and resources with other websites. If another website on the shared server hogs the server resources, your website will be affected.
  • Dedicated server hosting: this is where you have your own machine or multiple machines to host only your website. This is more expensive and can handle higher traffic.
  • Network hosting: this comes in varied forms but basically involves a large network of computers that are integrated to one large super computer that is then divided up between many websites. Cloud computing or cloud hosting are examples.
  • Virtual private server: A type of Network hosting that allows you to run your own hosting environment in a similar way to dedicated server hosting.

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