Choosing a domain name can be tricky as lots of words have already been registered by someone else and are not available.

Some tips for choosing a name:

  • Be unique – this will make it more likely that your name is available. It is also more likely that your social media names will be available.
  • Be easy to remember and pronounce – you want word of mouth promotion too, try saying it aloud a few times.
  • Be short – Individual Webpage URL’s can get long, so the shorter the domain the better.
  • Be descriptive – if appropriate useĀ  words that represent what you do.
  • Be careful – ensure your name cannot be misinterpreted. For example: – Experts Exchange – Therapist Finder.

Some tips for choosing a domain

  • .com is the most prestigious global domain. Can be very hard to get or expensive to buy.
  • is the best domain to use if you want to be branded as an Australian entity.
  • Explore other domains if you cannot get your custom name. For example you could use .tv if you were a film or related project or use .co which actually means Columbia, however not many people know that and it is very similar to .com



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