FLAC digital comms

This is an overview on the current FrontLine Action on Coal communication systems. 17/04/18 by Glenn Todd


Encrypted Tech

  • Protonmail – Email (no group feature)
  • Matrix riot – Main chat comms: (Rebel Groups: signal)(no nested comments, key verification problematic, needs rating [like]) (management/group protocols problematic)
  • Keybase – currently testing this to maybe replace Riot
  • Signal – One on phone calls and message
  • Zoom – Video conferencing
  • Crypt pad – Collaborative docs (clunky – hard to manage)
  • Sync – Doc repository
  • Dashlane – password management

Barriers to using encryption

  • Lacking Basic Tech literacy and management
  • Old tech
  • Scared/overwhelmed by tech
  • Laziness
  • Open organising ideology
  • Efficiency focus


FLAC digital comms by ActionSkills is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.