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Climate Organisers Mentor Program

A new initiative to support new organisers by matching mentor-ship by experienced organisers.

For skilled people:  allows you to scale and/or replicate your skills to increase your influence in climate action.

For new organisers: gain the confidence to deploy your own actions or set up your own local group, campaign, organisation by filling in the gaps in your skill set.

Please contact us if you can help with Phase 1

Planned Phases

  1. Recruit a sample group of mentors to help refine questionnaire and expectations
  2. Call out to people with skills willing to mentor and ask them to complete a form
  3. Manually sort them (me and any volunteers. 1 so far)
  4. Once we have a sizeable number we call out to networks to let people know they can apply for mentorship
  5. People requesting mentorship apply
  6. We manually match people. Then we forward the application to the mentor.
  7. The mentor replies and confidentially declines the request or replies that they will contact their mentee to start the relationship.
  8. After the prototype is working, we upgrade systems.


Proposed Mentor form

How are you able to provide mentorship?

  • in person
  • video conference
  • phone
  • chat
  • email

Where are you located?

How much time per week do you have to gift (on average)?

Describe your ideal mentee/mentee relationship?


Proposed Mentee application

Introduce yourself
300 words

What project do you need help with?
300 words

Why should a busy mentor make time for you?
300 words

What skills/experience do you need:
300 words (plus check box)

  • Strategy
  • Community organising
  • Aboriginal community
  • Training
  • Media and comms
  • Digital + Social media
  • Design and marketing
  • Databases
  • NVDA planning
  • NVDA odd jobs
  • Security
  • Legals
  • Setting up and managing a camp
  • Facilitation and effective meetings
  • Safer spaces
  • NFP/organisation setup