We are looking for four passionate change makers to undergo an eight week intensive training program provided by some of Australia’s leading digital change makers.

Gain skills and experience in order to co-create strategy, build websites, communicate online and use social media to build movements of positive change.

There are no financial fees for the participants who will earn their stripes by producing various online projects and websites for real positive change projects.

Apprenticeships start on May 13th 2013. Applications are now closed.



Technology is becoming a key tool in creating substantial positive change in the world. The faster our movement can learn new technologies and innovate in ways to apply them, the more powerful these tools become.

To really amplify these tools, we need more people skilled-up in how to use them. We need to learn, scale-up and replicate our technology skills.


Bigger Picture

There is a huge range of groups and diversity of approaches in creating positive change in the world; all playing their important part. Digital change makers play a key role in supporting these groups and approaches, helping them in a variety of ways.

In addition to learning digital tools, apprentices will learn about systems thinking, utilising networks, facilitation and working with people to co-create and engage on a larger scale.


Where will the apprentices come from?

Anyone is welcome to apply and we encourage diversity. It is likely that the chosen apprentices will already be involved in an organisation working for positive change or working in their own way for positive change.


What existing skills do the apprentices need?

Although specialist computer technology skills are not necessary, apprentices will be expected to be reasonably fluent in using their laptops for general tasks including installing software.

Apprentices will demonstrate a strong interest in online technologies and be proven to work well with other people.

Apprentices will need a laptop (this does not need to be fancy; PC/MAC/Linux is fine). If you do not have a laptop and you think you will be awesome at this, please still apply. If you really shine we’ll get a laptop from somewhere.


How will we select the apprentices?

Judges will select the four people who they believe will make the most effective use of these new skills. Passion and enthusiasm, volunteering experience, availability, commitment and proven ability to work hard will be highly regarded by the judges.


What does this apprenticeship involve?


The foundation of the apprenticeships will be the learning of skills to build websites and understand social media. These skills be learned by attending formal training courses, utilising online training courses and reading books. The formal training will include:



Learning by Doing

Under the guidance and mentorship of Glenn Todd and other participants, apprentices will co-create strategy, build websites, produce content and apply social media to a number of projects aligned with their passions. Apprentices may find their own projects or our team will source the projects for them.


Mentoring and Networks

Inspirational and highly skilled change makers will conduct 4 hour Mentor sessions with the apprentices to increase the diversity and depth of their knowledge and to build their networks.



Apprentices will learn new ways of working and increase their networks and by working for 8 weeks within these exciting co-working environments:


Time commitments for this program

Judges will select the four people based on who they believe will make the most effective use of these new skills. The more time a student can commit to the program, the more highly regarded they will be looked upon by the judges. Passion and enthusiasm, volunteering experience and proven ability to work hard are also a main focus, so time will only be one of the factors judged upon.

The nature of this course is such that it will not be run to a fixed timetable and agility will be required. The formal lessons will have fixed times but all other aspects will be flexible.

Here is a very rough outline of expected time commitments:

  • Formal lessons: 1 day a week for 5 weeks. 3 days a week for 1 week (6 weeks)
  • External Mentoring : 40 hrs (with more to be added) (running at various times over the course of the apprenticeship, contingent upon mentor availability)
  • Online training: 1 day a week for first 4 weeks (parallel to formal lessons)
  • Private study: time to read 3 books
  • Project work: starting at 1 day a week and increasing over the time period. The last two weeks will be mentored project-based work which will apply the learnings and extend skills.

TOTAL = 8 week timeframe


Planned Results

We aim to have four people trained with essential and practical skills, along with the confidence and networks to apply them in a meaningful way. We see the graduated apprentices will then play an active part in scaling-up the growth of the positive change movement.


Apply for an apprenticeship

Apprenticeships start on May 13th 2013. Applications are now closed.


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